IT Services

(IT Enables a Better Way of Doing Business)


STROLLA assist businesses to achieve and address their strategic IT objectives and challenges including the erection of robust Information Systems/Technology control environment.

Software Customization
We are specialized in customized software development on Microsoft technologies Asp.Net and VB.Net covering both web and desk top applications with back end database of MS SQL for any business applications. We also have done several projects with a focus on SAP integration

Website Development and Maintenance
We are specialized in customized website development along with its maintenance and on-going support

Mobile Computing
We are specialized in customized software development on mobile phones in both plat forms Android and iPhone for any business applications. Some of the business applications like CRM, POS or any other.

IT Consulting
We provide IT consultancy which covers:

  • IT Advisory services to cover end to end solution
  • IT Audit & Review
  • Any IT function area as per customer demand

                        Software Solutions

Business Smart

Business Smart is a comprehensive ERP Management Solution that integrates core functions including Inventory, Sales & Distribution, Finance, Supply Chain and Human Resources (HR) etc. into one complete system by streamlining and automating processes and information across the entire organization. The shared database supports multiple functions used by business user and enables them to make timely decisions. The solution offers accuracy, reliability and high data security with on-premise and on-cloud options


Inventory: Receipts/Issues, Stock Adjustments, Stock Ledger
Sales Order: Order Processing, Invoice generation, Sales report
Receivables: Daily Collection, Debit/Credit  Notes, Advance Collection, Sales returns, Customer Ledger


HR Operations: Appointments, Confirmations, Increments, Promotions, Transfers and Resignations
Payroll: Allowances, Deductions, Loans, Income Tax, Pay slips  and Regulatory reports like EOBI, SESSI, Tax Certificate etc.
Appraisal: Performance Management with Work Flow


General Ledger: Recording of Financial transactions, Processing, Company ledger, Cash & Bank Statements, Trial balance, Balance sheet
Fixed Assets: Acquisition/Disposal/Transfers of Assets with reports


Purchasing: Requisition, Quotation, Purchases , GRN
Payable: Bill recording, Payments Scheduling, Supplier Ledger


HR Smart

HR Smart Human Resource Management System is a web based user friendly solution that provides a centralized repository of employee master data that facilitates performance of core Human Resource Processes & functions. Implementation removes duplication of efforts, enables both HR and line managers to spend less time on clerical tasks, helps ensure accuracy and enables management to take speedy actions on employee related matters with complete confidentiality resulting in improved efficiency.


Transactions: Appointment, Confirmation, Increment, Transfer, Promotion, Resignation
Letter: Appointment, Confirmation, Extension, Transfer, Increment and Promotion
Reports: Due for confirmation, service length, salary hold, Gross salary breakup, employee Information, Family Report and others


Totally customized appraisal system
Need Analysis /Salary increment / adjustment & Increment / Bell curves / Increment budget management


Payroll processing and disbursement
Personal Loan Management
Final settlement of employees, JV interface with core systems like SAP, Oracle, JDE etc.


Online/offline capturing from attendance machine.
Overtime / Late Arrivals / Early Departure



Configuration of Leave policies for Leave setup
Transaction posting for leaves
Reports: Leave balances and Leave transaction details



Institutes and course registration
Nomination,  Training Calendar, Maintenance of training records


Employee /Manager portal to view critical records of self & his team. Submit requests for Leaves, Loan , Advance Salary, different personal Expense claims with status view of approval workflow
View Salary slip, income tax certificate etc.


Institutes and course registration
Nomination,  Training Calendar, Maintenance of training records


Doc Smart

Doc Smart Document Management System offered by Paperless Technology to its clients with a dynamic Solution that is a comprehensive management system for organizing and managing the life cycle of any organization’s documents, i.e. how they are created, reviewed, published and ultimately disposed off or retained. It is capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users.

  • Audit Trail
  • System Parameters
  • System Configuration
  • Document Categories
  • Document Sub Categories
  • Document Attributes
  • Document Types
  • Folder Types
  • Users
  • User Groups
  • User Roles
  • System User Hierarchy
  • Search Document / Folder
  • Privileges
  • Privileges Sets
  • Access Control List
  • Menu Security
  • Electronic Form
  • Import Documents
  • Verify Documents
  • Download Document in Excel Template
  • Upload Document Through Excel

Expense Smart

Expense Smart Expense Management System is a web based solution that automates the company wide process of expense management and control with proper work flow (Expense Requisition, Supervisor’s Review, final approval and final settlement). Flexible Expenses policy for field force based on travel points (From/to) and his hierarchy level to fully automate the expense amount calculation and removing manual calculation to streamline and standardize the reimbursement.

  • User Profiling
  • Access Management
  • Approval hierarchy
  • Final Review/Approval
  • Release/Hold Expenses
  • Approval Delegation
  • Reports & Inquiry
  • Team & Rank
  • Expense Heads
  • Field force Maintenance
  • Area wise Distances Maintenance
  • Generate Excel File for Finance
  • Perform Month End
  • Expense Recording & Submission
  • Expense Approval
  • Release/Hold Expenses
  • Reports & Inquiry

Travel Smart

Travel Smart Smart Travel Management System is a web based solution that automates the company wide process of travel management with proper work flow including Travel Requisition, Supervisor’s Review, Final Approval and Quotation Management, Ticket and Hotel booking etc. Expenses Recording, Invoices offsetting, review, approval and final settlement.

  • User Profiling
  • Access Management
  • Approval hierarchy
  • Expense Recording with details and attachments
  • Submit/ Approve Expenses
  • Submit Bills
  • Reports & Inquiry
  • Country/ Cities
  • Expense Nature And Type
  • Airlines And Hotels
  • Vender, Bank and Branches
  • Submit Bills
  • View, Approve or Reject Bills
  • Post Bills to SAP/ JDE etc.
  • Settlement of bills (Employee or Company)
  • Reports & Inquiry
  • Create, Change, Submit, Approve and Reject Plan
  • Prepare Quotation And Flight Schedules
  • View / Select Quotation and Flight Schedule
  • Reports & Inquiry

Fleet Smart

Fleet Smart Smart Fleet Management System is a web based solution covering all functions related to company -wide vehicles starting from its acquisition to disposal. The solution tracks Purchases, Transfers, Accidents, Inspection, Theft, Spare etc. with monthly mileage recording. Comprehensive workflow is also provided for Expense claims, Authority letters generation/approval along with on-line Inquiries and Reports.

  • Vehicle Purchases
  • Vendor Management
  • License Management
  • Customer Management
  • Location Management
  • Reports & Inquiry
  • Vehicle Inventory with Purchases, Transfers and Disposals
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Vehicle Incidents
  • Authority Letters for users and Drivers
  • Expenses Claims
  • Fuel Card
  • Vehicle Maintenance Bills
  • Vacant Vehicle
  • Transfer Vehicle
  • Vehicle Disposal
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Mileage Recording
  • Vehicle Tax & Insurance
  • Fuel Card recording
  • Vehicle Maintenance bills
  • Create, Change, Submit, Approve and Reject Plan
  • Prepare Quotation And Flight Schedules
  • View / Select Quotation and Flight Schedule
  • Reports & Inquiry
  • Expenses Claims with Approval Workflows
  • Authority Letter issuance with Approval Workflows
  • Vehicle Incident / Stolen Reporting